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TOMMI improves the quality of life of pediatric patients providing a digital alternative for pain and anxiety management, reducing time and costs of medical interventions and boosting hospital efficiency.

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More smiles, less drugs

TOMMI helps reduce pain and anxiety in the hospital setting through immersion in virtual environments, distracting children from unpleasant emotions related to therapy and medical treatments. This improves children adherence to therapy and the quality of patients-to-doctors relationship, reducing the need for sedatives and painkillers.

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hospital efficiency

Reducing children’s stress levels, TOMMI decrease the delays during medical interventions, facilitating patients management and a more streamlined care process.

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Innovative tracking tool

While children play, thanks to its game mechanics designed with doctors and psychologists TOMMI collects data about patients psychomotor performances and stress levels, providing meaningful metrics useful to optimize patients support and improve relevant outcomes during therapy.

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