A game to feel better

A virtual reality experience to support

children with cancer in hospitals


Emotional support

Focused on the emotional needs of the children to reduce stress deriving from anxiety, fear, pain and loneliness.

Virtual Reality

Offering an immersive digital world to engage and distract children from their daily hospital routine supporting their well being.

Collaborative gameplay

Involving both children and their caregivers to help both overcome loneliness and distance during the hospitalization.


Collecting motory and behavioural data from children’s gaming sessions, useful to medical specialists to monitor, improve and customize the therapy.

Children per year
New technologies for cancer

Pushing the boundaries of the approach to cancer therapy

300 thousands children per year in the world are diagnosed with cancer. The 80% of them survive, but the quality of their life is disrupted by an extreme painful experience that can be improved. TOMMI is designed to offer a holistic care of oncological children, a safe place where reduce negative feelings, while offering to caregivers the possibility to have an active role in their children’s therapy

TOMMI is a product realized by Softcare Studios Srls, a company focused on the development of innovative products based on new technologies to improve patients' well being and collect data of medical interest

Digital technology at the service of therapy

The correlation between our emotional status and our physiology is becoming more and more clear and documented. Researchers are introducing virtual reality into hospital to support patients starting from their mind and emotions, to increase therapy’s acceptance and generate a better follow up. The first trials around the world are gaining positive results about the therapeutical effects of VR in fields such as pain management and anxiety reduction, encouraging the work in this innovative promising field.


Different skills, one common goal: improve the hospital experience through virtual reality. This is our team.

Cristian Currò

COO, Project Management & Business

Bruno Lenzi

CTO, Product Design, VR & Data Scientist

Valentino Megale

CEO, VR Therapy Scientist, Communication

Gianfranco Damato

Game Development

Chiara Aielli

Data Visualization & Artificial Intelligence

Giuseppe Oppedisano

Business Advisor

Fabrizio Bosica


Camilla Maccagnano

Game Design

Renato Marchetti

3D Design

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